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As MomsRising's senior campaign director on child care policy, I'm leading our work to push the federal government to cover childcare costs for both providers and parents as part of the emergency relief effort. We know there is a real and present danger that if this goes on for an extended time, we will see the collapse of the child care system.

The burden shouldn't fall on either parents or providers! AND- we need both providers and parents to push back on elected leaders right now. Below are some things you can do to help ahead of the negotiations happening TODAY:

* Sign here to urge Congress to provide child care funding to ensure the stability of our child care system so parents and caregivers have child care to return to when the crisis is over!:

* Share how you're family is being impacted by child care here and I will email deliver your stories to Members of Congress:

* Retweet and share the hashtags on Twitter: #FundChildCare #ChildCareNow Twitter Storm to urge Congress to #FundChildCare (NOW).

* TEXT COVID19 to 747464 NOW to call your U.S. Senator and tell them to invest in #childcare relief and to BOOST, NOT CUT #paidsickdays and #paidleaveforall in response to the #coronavirus pandemic.


National Women's Law Center COVID-19 RESPONSE one pager:

NAEYC Understanding the Effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic brief:

NAEYC and ECEC press release:

Child Care in Crisis: Understanding the Effects of the Coronavirus on Child Care:

ZERO TO THREE’s Policy Response to COVID-19:

Additional Coronavirus/COVID-19 resources from Child Care Aware® of America:  

Tool that estimates state and national need for children of critical healthcare workers during COVID-19 from researchers at Yale and Colorado State University: 


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Thank you for all you do!

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