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Guess which famous Floridian recently signed up for a health insurance plan through Obamacare?

Marco Rubio!

Shocked? Me too! It's hard to believe that Rubio, a staunch opponent of the new healthcare law, not only signed up for health coverage through the federal marketplace, but also accepted a $10,000 dollar federal subsidy to purchase his plan.

We're happy for you Senator Rubio. Now what about your fellow Floridians?

Tell Florida Senator Marco Rubio to make sure all Florida families get covered just like his family:

Right now, Senator Rubio and other opponents of health reform are making it harder for Floridians to get information they need to sign up for health insurance. At the same time, Rubio has failed to support Florida's expansion of Medicaid – a move that would expand Medicaid to over 1 million Floridians and bring $51 billion into the state.

Something isn't right here. Obamacare is good enough for his family, but not for the millions of uninsured Floridians?!

Click here now to tell Senator Marco Rubio that all Floridians deserve the same affordable healthcare options that he and his family have:

Together, we can make sure Senator Rubio makes the right decisions in the future, not just for his family, but for all families.

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