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We did it! We let Procter & Gamble know that their continued support of ALEC was unacceptable. And they dropped ALEC. As the main lobbyist source of the "kill at will" gun law that murdered Trayvon Martin, and proponent of voter ID laws that would disproportionately suppress women's voting rights, ALEC supports toxic laws that are anti-American and anti-woman, and puts profits before American families.

Sign the petition! Johnson & Johnson, Drop Your Unhealthy Support for ALEC

Now we're turning our attention to Procter & Gamble's main competitor: Johnson & Johnson. Already in trouble because of 25 recalls of over-the-counter drugs and medical devices in the past two years alone, Johnson & Johnson is ushering in a new CEO on Thursday, April 26, 2012, at a 10 am ET shareholder meeting in NJ.

#JNJ's annual meeting of shareholders will be webcast on April 26 > We'll tweet too! #JNJASM12 $JNJ

Hopes are high that new CEO Alex Gorsky will turn the company around from CEO Bill Weldon, who grabbed headlines in 2009 for buying up an $8.64 million waterfront piece of property for himself and simultaneously firing 8100 Johnson and Johnson employees. Contact lenses that sting your eyes, poorly manufactured artificial hip replacements that causes grinding pain in seniors? Thank Johnson & Johnson.

Johnson & Johnson, Drop Your Unhealthy Support for ALEC

Sign our petition asking if Johnson & Johnson approves of ALEC lobbying the EPA to deem rat poison accidentally ingested by kids "an acceptable risk," then join us on Twitter to "virtually attend" their shareholders' meeting. Let shareholders know they should hold Johnson & Johnson accountable for their years of support, and $25,000 donation and underwriting of child care for a 2011 annual ALEC retreat. Johnson & Johnson's support for ALEC is downright unhealthy.

Use these hashtags; here's a sample tweet: #JNJ #JNJASM12 $JNJ @JnJComm when will you #dropALEC? 

See you at 10 am ET, 7 am PT, Thursday, April 26, 2012! Let's take our democracy back from corporate interests.

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