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I’m a MomsRising member from Fort Worth, Texas. I recently graduated with a PhD in History and teach a full load of courses as an adjunct professor. I love my job, but being an adjunct faculty member also means that I don’t get health coverage from my employer. Not having health coverage isn’t an option for me. As a Type 1 diabetic, I am healthy but need daily treatment to prevent major problems. Thankfully, the Affordable Care Act came just in time for me, and I was able to sign up for affordable coverage on the exchange without being denied because of my pre-existing condition.

I’m not alone. An estimated 6.4 million Texans are uninsured.

Yet, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz has opposed accepting federal monies provided by the Affordable Care Act to expand Medicaid to 1 million more Texans who are uninsured—claiming that Medicaid expansion would "worsen health care options for the most vulnerable." Worsen options?  It's hard to imagine a worse option than being uninsured. Perhaps Senator Cruz has no idea what it’s like to be uninsured or unable to afford a comprehensive plan. Currently, Senator Cruz enjoys a “high-end” health plan through his wife’s employer plan.

It’s great that you have such high quality health insurance Senator Cruz, but what about your fellow Texans?

It's not too late for Texas! Our leaders can still decide to take advantage of the federal monies provided by the Affordable Care Act to expand Medicaid to low income Texan families who still need affordable healthcare coverage.

Something just isn’t right here—Senator Cruz has great coverage for his family, yet he is consistently opposing measures that would give affordable coverage, not to mention peace of mind, to millions of uninsured Texans?

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, I can stay at a job I love and help educate my fellow Texans while keeping myself healthy. And most importantly, I won’t have to make the decision to forgo important medical treatment because I can’t afford it.

Jensen Branscombe

Senator Cruz says “Texas knows best how to care for Texans,” but for Texans like me, the best thing for Texans is to have access to quality, affordable healthcare.

Senator Cruz needs to hear loud and clear from Texans right now about what they really need.  Tell Senator Cruz that it’s time for Texas leaders to help care for their uninsured by making sure everyone gets covered:

Join me in telling Senator Ted Cruz to listen to Texans, because together we can make sure our families, friends, and neighbors continue to get covered and experience the same peace of mind I feel. And please forward this blog on to friends and families you know who need affordable coverage so they can take action too.

Want to share your own healthcare experiences? Leave a comment below!

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