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Have you heard about our new BIG IDEA floating around called MomsRising Near You? Around the country brilliant, fierce moms like you are signing up to say they're interested in getting together once a month with other MomsRising members, and we want you to get in on the excitement!

What's so exciting about this? MomsRising has already mobilized millions of people to take action and WIN family-friendly policies for women and children. Just imagine what we could do if we regularly came together in-person.

What's The Big Idea:  Get together once a month with other MomsRising members and friends at a time & location of your choice.  Sign on right here:

Here's What We're Thinking:

  • We'll provide the content each month -- great discussion ideas and questions, as well as a recommended hot book, article, interesting videos, conference calls with national and local progressive leaders, or other materials.
  • You pick the time & venue -- with kids, without kids, in a home, library, restaurant (or even a bar). Your gathering could be with kids in a park, without kids at a pub, on a field trip to a beach, at a meeting room in a library, or even on a mom's night out.
  • We'll provide an online meeting coordination system so you can invite friends to come along, and so other MomsRising members in your area can join up with you at your gathering (You'll be able to decide if it's an "open" or "closed" group).
  • You post updates about your gatherings on a special place on our MomsRising website after you meet -- so we can all have an online and on-the-ground statewide discussion.

Want to give it a try? (Say you will!)  RSVP today to join an upcoming MomsRising Near You gathering in your community.

And we want to share a little (well, not so very little) secret with you: You are part of a real and growing movement of amazing people. There are now over 1 million MomsRising members out there nationally, who are taking time out of their busy lives to move political mountains, and most of us have never met.

Yes, MomsRising members are powerful.  MomsRising members have made hundreds of thousands of constituent contacts to Congress, helped pass important legislation that's expanded access to earn sick days, childcare, family leave, healthcare, clean air, and more at the city, state and federal levels.  Over and over again we've changed the political dialogue and forced leaders to focus on mom and family economic security issues.

It will be a great chance to meet up with like-minded folks, take a break from your busy day, share great ideas and reveal our secret superhero identities as "people who are changing the world."

Attacks against moms have been mounting recently. Your brilliant ideas, presence, and power are needed.

If you sign up now, you’ll get the chance to join some cool guests on a special conference call to learn more about these local gatherings with other supermoms like you!

Interested? Sign on here: Thank you!

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