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More than 150 companies have discovered that enforced separation of parents from their newborns when they return to work is no longer necessary. These organizations have hosted an astonishing 1,800 babies over the years and have seen consistent benefits from allowing babies at work, including skyrocketing morale, increased teamwork, higher retention rates, and extremely loyal employees and clients.

The Parenting in the Workplace Institute (PIWI) has been locating and researching baby-inclusive organizations for the past five years. We have assisted more than 20 organizations to start successful babies-at-work programs, including Hot Studio, an experience design company; HometownQuotes, which provides insurance quotes, and W.S. Badger Company, a manufacturer of organic body care products.

Babies love the social environment of the workplace and love having their parent nearby to quickly meet their needs, resulting in very happy and quiet babies. Coworkers in baby-inclusive companies find that being around babies at work lowers their own stress levels, and they frequently bond with the babies and use their own break time to play with, talk to, or hold the babies. This creates a community of support for parents and babies. Parents are extremely grateful for the opportunity to keep their babies with them, and they work hard to ensure that they get their work done effectively and keep their babies happy at the same time. The formal structure of these programs anticipates and prevents potential complications. Many people in baby-inclusive organizations are often highly skeptical before the programs are implemented, but once they see how well formal programs work in practice, they generally become enthusiastic supporters.

The integration of career and family isn't in the distant future. It's already here, in cubicles, offices, and retail spaces; in tiny companies and organizations with 3,000 employees; and in more than 30 different industries. Structured babies-at-work programs have proven themselves in numerous organizations, including law firms, credit unions, public relations firms, software companies, consulting firms, stores, government agencies, and schools. Even manufacturing companies have implemented successful programs by temporarily moving new parents from factory jobs to an office setting so that they can bring their babies to work.

We are on the verge of a dramatic shift in enabling families to keep their babies close in the critical early months of life. But PIWI needs your support to expand babies-at-work programs in which parents can bring their young babies to work every day and care for them while doing their jobs. Please help us to raise funds using IndieGoGo to create a comprehensive consulting program so that we can convince thousands more businesses to allow babies at work.

Please check out our IndieGoGo project and share it with your friends. Make a contribution to help us reach our goal, or simply Like the project to follow our updates. As more people follow us, we are more likely to be featured by IndieGoGo or obtain other media coverage to expand our work:

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Please help us to create a world in which no more parents must choose between raising their children and supporting them!

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