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Trumpcare is Back!

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I’d say it’s unbelievable, but at this point Congress really is starting to feel like a season of Stranger Things. Like the monstrous ‘Demogorgon’ that keeps coming back after it’s been sent to the ‘upside down’ (and you hope is gone forever)… the devastatingly bad Trumpcare just keeps coming back!
And this time it’s come in the form of the terrible, no good, very bad U.S. Senate Republican tax bill.
Recently, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that the Senate tax bill would include a provision to do away with the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate, which is a cornerstone of the law. Without it, the whole system becomes off balance, tilting the market toward older, sicker consumers, driving up costs, decreasing the number of insurers who participate in the marketplace, and undermining the entire health care platform. The Congressional Budget Office recently estimated this would leave 13 million Americans without health insurance and raise premiums in the individual marketplace by 10 percent in most years over the next decade.
Do you see what they are doing here? They are turning an already awful tax bill—that benefits the wealthy and powerful over working families—into a truly cruel anti-health care bill that strips millions of Americans of the health care coverage they need to survive and thrive.
Last week, the House of Representatives passed their tax bill and now the Senate is moving quickly to vote on their plan after Thanksgiving. Both plans increase the deficit, heavily benefit the wealthy and mega-corporations, and would lead to deep cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, and other programs that boost families in the future, primarily hurting the elderly and working families. This is outrageous! We need to tell Congressional Republicans to send their tax bill, Trumpcare, and the idea of cutting our health care (Medicaid, Medicare, and the Affordable Care Act) to the ‘upside down’ forever.
The proposed tax plan is already disastrous—in order to pay for the tax cuts that President Trump and extremist Republicans in Congress want for their rich cronies and Wall Street corporations, they need to make massive budget cuts in other places, mainly by making cuts to health care. It would also raise taxes on 1 in 3 middle class families—all to give massive tax cuts to millionaires, billionaires, and giant corporations. Clearly their special interests are more important than the health and well-being of working America. When you click the link, you can sign onto our letter to Congress that reads:
I am a U.S. taxpayer and voter, and I’m writing to ask you to stop attacking our families’ health care, end partisan attempts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (ACA), stop cuts to Medicaid and Medicare, and reject any tax plan that benefits the wealthy and mega-corporations over working families and our economy!
Making cuts to programs that families rely on to stay healthy like Medicaid, Medicare, and the ACA in order to give huge tax breaks to millionaires and wealthy corporations is unconscionable. Our tax policies should reflect the values of our country, and placing more value on the already wealthy and corporations over the health of our families goes against America’s moral compass and is destructive to our economy as a whole.
We need real tax policies that make sure the wealthy and big corporations pay their fair share and that working families can benefit equally from our tax system and economy. Please stop working to sabotage the ACA and cutting Medicaid and Medicare and get to work on shoring up programs that benefit low- and middle-income families as well as boost our economy!
Congressional Republicans are obsessed with attacking our health care and bringing the Demogorgon—err... Trumpcare—back from the ‘upside down’ and this time they’ve snuck it into their tax bill. We cannot let this happen—Congress must reject this tax package!

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