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Dear Friends,
I am writing to share with you the Status of Black Women in the United States, a state-by-state report that examines the lived experiences of Black women in the U.S. (Download here). As you know, Black women get a raw deal in the U.S. We are mothers, caregivers, activists and community leaders who consistently work for the benefit of our country, but our country is consistently not working for us.
We are the most engaged voting bloc, yet we are woefully underrepresented in all branches of Government. This new report, co-authored by the National Domestic Workers Alliance and Institute for Women's Policy Research, paints a picture of the lived experiences of millions of Black women across the United States, and offers recommendations where the opportunities for Black women can be truly realized. 
There's much to build on here--the report could do more to lift up the experiences of Black trans women and Black immigrant women. More data needs to be gathered to complete this picture. We hope that this report leads us in that direction--to better understand the experiences of all Black women in the United States. 
I hope this report will lead to renewed conversation about the importance of Black women to our democracy, and lead to policy and programmatic changes to help us reach our full prosperity, which has been historically denied by systematic injustices that are still prevalent to this day.
Please take a moment to read and then share this important report with your networks. NDWA has created sample messaging and shareable images you can use to spread the word -> here.
When Black women succeed, all women succeed!
With love,

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