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America’s elections belong to America’s voters, and no foreign government should ever play any role in determining the outcome. The transcript and whistleblower complaint released this week seem to show that President Trump abused his power in conversations with Ukraine's president. They support allegations he tried to use his influence and taxpayers’ money to coerce Ukraine leaders into interfering in our elections and, further, that his administration then tried to cover up these illegal, thuggish, self-serving actions. This would be a blatant and horrifying abuse of power by President Trump, who took an oath to ‘preserve, protect and defend’ our constitution. Congress must investigate.

President Trump—and anyone who was complicit in these alleged abuses of power—must be held accountable. This has enormous gravity because it threatens the integrity and security of our elections and the public’s ability to have confidence in them.

We cannot be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people if our government is not elected by the American people, without foreign interference.

We demand the truth, and elections that are free and fair. The President of the United States should be fighting foreign influences in our elections -- not inviting them. We deserve a president who puts the country’s interests ahead of his own, rather than desecrating our democracy. America’s future is on the line. Congress must proceed with the impeachment inquiry.


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