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I know there are many moms reading this who have had a bad experience with dads and with men in general. Frankly, it troubles me as well to hear about some of the dads out there and I can completely understand the anger. It can be well deserved.

However, I continue to write in this forum because I truly do believe that only when men and women, moms and dads alike, can work together, is there a real chance to fix so many of the problems plaguing our culture.

With all this said, please allow me the opportunity to share a brief teaser trailer that I've recently cut for my fatherhood documentary project.

You can find the trailer here

The reason I bring this trailer to your attention is not just that we've arrived yet again at Father's Day, but that I hope it will also serve as an affirmation that there are some really good dads out there who care deeply about their families.

Thank you for allowing me this. I hope you enjoy the teaser trailer and would love to hear what you think.

Lastly, let me also share that after making "The Evolution of Dad" the next project will be "The Evolution of Mom." In my mind one could not be made without the other.

Dana H. Glazer is the director of The Evolution of Dad Documentary Project as well as a father of two young sons. For more information, please visit To view a new trailer of the project please check out

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