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Abbott Labratories, the makers of Similac Infant Formula, had a shareholders meeting and voted down removing GMOs from their infant formula.

And thus abandoning babies.

*jaw drops to ground*

I sat here completely stunned because not only does Similac Infant Formula contain genetically modified ingredients, which hasn't been proven safe by long-term independent testing (Yes, independent as in they have nothing to gain), it's also labeled OR BANNED in about 64 other countries, including Russia, China, all of Europe, India and Saudi Arabia. Those countries have made labeling and removing GMOs from their food supply a priority.

I wonder why.

Here's the real issue. When it comes to babies, is it worth the risk?
I know advocates of biotechnology are going to say that GMOs are the most tested food in history...they are regulated by the FDA...they have been deemed safe by our own governmental one has died of a GMO...blah blah blah...

Sure, because we've never gotten it wrong before, right?

Here's my point. Is it REALLY worth the risk when we are talking about babies?

New long term studies are surfacing from overseas and they are not pretty. We are finding out that even pigs are not able to tolerate GMOs without having some major issues. So why is this given to our most vulnerable?

You can tell based on laws in the vast majority of industrialized nations that there is no real confidence in the safety of GMOs. If they are so safe, why ban them?

In fact, if you go to Europe where only 5% of the food supply is genetically modified compared with America's whopping 85%, you will find that there are lots of studies being done over there that are tying GMOs to diseases like cancer, obesity, allergies...and the list goes on and on.

Let's also consider some basic facts that I got from Since the mid 90's, which is about the same time that GMOs were introduced into the food supply, some very dramatic things have happened to the health of children.

  • 400% increase in food allergies
  • 300% increase in asthma
  • 400% increase ADHD
  • and 1,500% increase in Autism

And as a mother, I find that disturbing. Because even if there was a CHANCE that GMOs are dangerous, why are we putting them in baby formula? Babies are more susceptible to chemicals than adults.

Let's leave the defenseless alone, mkay?

Here's what I think. I think corporations CAN make good decisions. I want to feel safe about what I feed my kids. Don't we all? I just think in this instance, Similac shareholders may have made an error in judgement. And I'm asking them to rectify it.

I'm asking Similac Infant Formula to lead this industry in a very positive way. I want them to remove GMOs from all their formulas and lead the industry so others do the same.

Because when it comes to's not worth the risk.

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You can help by visiting my petition and sharing it with your friends using #similacnogmo.

Let's change this. We can. And we will.

For more information on the impacts of GMOs on the health of our children visit these organizations:


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