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Summer is here and our kiddos are out of school and while it may be all fun and games for them, parents are often stuck scrambling to find child care options before the summer season even begins. While kids may be happy about it – summer often sends parents into a spiral that starts way before the summer season begins. 

For many parents and caregivers, it means having to figure out what we are going to do while summer is out for ten to twelve weeks in the year…and if you’re a parent that has ever tried to get child care in the summer, you know what I’m talking about. Hours and hours devoted to researching what summer camps are in your area that are affordable for you, that have the right hours that fit your family’s work schedule, and that have available slots for your kids in the first place!

Many parents, myself included, spend the summer essentially playing the most-not-fun version of bingo ever, trying to get the winning card of child care coverage that never comes. Some utilize a patchwork of friends and family chipping in to lessen the child care load. Signing up for camps which are often unaffordable (sometimes maxing out credit cards!) – and having to take time off or leave the workforce in the summer due to child care. This all only adds to the continual economic burdens too many families already face. The truth is “making it work” actually isn’t working for most of us.

 Sign Here to Tell Congress Playing Child Care Bingo is No Fun. 

 Playing games with your kids can be fun, but playing child care BINGO all summer? Not so much! Have you scrambled through your phone book trying to figure out who can take care of your child during summer days? Have you had to work from home totally guilt-ridden that you are rotting your kids' brains by allowing them watch cartoon marathons while you’re on zoom calls? There are so many ways parents (and mostly tired moms TBH) try to make summers work, but there HAS to be a better solution than having your kids devolve into a sibling thunderdome while you attempt to meet a work deadline or flying your kids off to another country to stay with relatives. Which, you know, also isn’t cheap! There has to be a better way! 


Download Summer Child Care bingo here. 

That’s why we need affordable child care (including summer care, and non traditional hours care!) in our communities. Parents and caregivers should be able to work knowing their kids are being taken care of, that summer fun keeps them learning and engaged in a safe and loving environment… and that their sense of sanity will stay intact because they aren’t stressing non stop about who is watching their kids! 

SIGN HERE to remind our lawmakers – kids need care year round —- not just during the school year.


Thank you for raising your voice for summer (and year round) child care! Share this action to remind Congress parents need child care year round! 

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