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[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: President Trump and President Putin stand behind podiums at the Helsinki summit.
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It's time. This is our moment to say: Not on our watch. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and people across the political spectrum must stand together and condemn Donald Trump for his disloyalty to our own government and disregard of Russia’s threats to our nation’s electoral integrity.

How do we say, "Not on our watch" with power? By not turning away from witnessing this train wreck of a President, and by digging deep to engage our communities in the defense of our country. We do it by taking a deep breath, feeling the power of our sheer numbers across the country, and then stepping forward together.

And the next important step is to immediately demand that Congress censure the President, which is a public condemnation of his statements at the summit with President Putin of Russia, as well as take immediate bipartisan action to protect our electoral integrity and advance investigations.  

*Join us now in demanding that Congress censure the President.

This is our country, our democracy, and our watch, and we won’t stand silently by as a sitting U.S. President questions our own nation's intelligence agencies’ determination that Russia has meddled in our electionscuts ties to our closest and longest allies, and also embraces a country and leader (Putin) whose intelligence service operatives have just been indicted for interfering in our national elections to unfairly help Trump win, who annexed territory in Ukraine leading to the deaths of thousands of people, and who has actively undermined Russia's free press and civic organizations.  

President Putin is not a friend of democracy, something every country in the world understands, but President Trump does not. For our President to side with Putin and call into question the conclusions of our intelligence services and Congressional investigations was beyond shameful and the American people will not stand for it.

*We demand that Congress censure the President now, as well as take immediate bipartisan action to protect our electoral integrity, and advance investigations. 

Not. On. Our. Watch! We also won’t stand silently by as our own President, President Trump, advances policies that hurt women, children, and families; takes swings at our basic principles of a free and independent press; enacts policies that separate children from their parents; and even attacks our nation's values inscribed on the Statue of Liberty

Together, the American people must stand up to defend our values of liberty and justice for everyone, our democracy, our families, and our elections.

We can do this.

*Take action now!

We are an incredibly powerful force together. Women and moms are growing a stronger and stronger movement every day.  It’s time to double down on rising up. So after you sign onto our message to Congress, please post the action link on your social media pages and share this post far and wide. The more of us rising up, the faster we’ll help get our country out of this disastrous situation.

We believe in us.

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