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This piece was written by Kelly D., a mom who supports her family as a retail worker.

I don't judge you if you shop on Thanksgiving. Some people rely on the "deals" and are able to rock the loss-leaders so that they are able to buy gifts for those they love that they wouldn't be able to afford otherwise.

But ....

*Don't assume that the retail associates you encounter volunteered to be there, or that they didn't have anywhere they would rather be. (The vast majority are there because they have to, either because they don't get paid holidays, or need the money desperately to afford their own holiday shopping, or because they were scheduled regardless of wanting the day off).

*Don't complain to said associates about how stores starting their sales on Thanksgiving ruins your holiday. (Really, it's just rude).

*Don't turn a shopping cart over and turn it into a lounge chair so that you can lay down while you "camp out" for hours in the store waiting for your turn. (Not only does this inconvenience the people who may simply be shopping and want to navigate the aisle, but it's a fire hazard and security will be called).

*Don't push and shove or gods forbid bring pepper spray with you to up your odds at getting something you want. (And let's not talk about people who have been trampled to death during these sales).

*Don't buy 5 or 10 of an item so that you can double the price and sell it for a profit. (Yes it's your "right" but it's also simply greedy).

*Don't return 75% of what you bought 12 hours later when the madness abates and complain the whole while about how long the return process takes. (I wish this was an isolated occurrence).

*Do be kind: To your fellow shoppers, to the store workers that you will encounter.

*Do accept that lines will be long and that stock will be insufficient.

*Do try and remember that, regardless of what faith you profess (or even if you profess none at all) that this time of year is supposed to be about love and light and friends and family.


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