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In pardoning disgraced former Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio, President Trump has signaled to bigots and white supremacists that they need not worry about being held accountable for vicious, racist actions. This pardon demonstrates contempt for the real American values of inclusion, diversity and respect for basic human rights and for the rule of law. It is truly shameful.

Far from ‘selfless public service,’ as President Trump said, Arpaio exemplified bigotry and law enforcement gone amuck. The former Maricopa County sheriff carried out his duties in ways that were racist, heartless and cruel to immigrants, people of color and the poor. Arpaio capped his disgraceful career by disobeying a federal court order to halt the illegal racial profiling that characterized his immigration raids. Now, thanks to this dishonorable pardon, Arpaio will not be held accountable for his crimes. He is an unrepentant bigot and a blight on all those who practice law enforcement in ways that are fair and designed to protect public safety for all of us.
No one should be above the law. MomsRising has been speaking out against Arpaio’s heartless tactics for many years because America’s mothers know that our communities and our country are stronger when we reject bigotry, cruelty and violence. Rather than unifying the country, President Trump has once again sided with racists and undermined real American values. This is a sad day for the country.

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