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It’s common sense: When families have parents who are insured, the entire family’s health and economic security improves. As moms and dads, we get it. But some of our state lawmakers seem to be having a hard time understanding what a difference health coverage through Medicaid expansion could make to low-income North Carolinians.

We need your voice! Send a letter to the editor of your local paper calling on state lawmakers to expand health insurance to low-income uninsured North Carolinians!

(It’s easy! We’ll lead you through a quick process to write a letter to the editor. This tool is pretty magical—just copy, paste, and edit one of our pre-drafted letters (or draft your own—we’ve provided talking points, too!) and send it to your paper with a few clicks.)

Right now in North Carolina, parents with family incomes just 45% of the Federal Poverty Line make too much money to qualify for Medicaid coverage. That means a family of three earning just $8,004/yr is making “too much” for the parents to qualify for Medicaid coverage. Half a million uninsured adults in North Carolina, including over 120,000 hard-working parents, are trying to keep their families afloat while going without health coverage.

Most low-wage and part-time jobs don’t offer health coverage, and too many parents find themselves working multiple part-time jobs just to make ends meet. It’s critical for parents to have health coverage so they’re better able to care for their families. Plus, kids are more likely to be enrolled in coverage if their parents are.

Take action now! Send a letter to the editor to say it time for our state lawmakers to expand health care coverage!

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