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After years of stalemate in the NC General Assembly, lawmakers will FINALLY vote on a bill to expand health care coverage to low-income, uninsured adults! That’s right, the NC House is voting this week on H655, the NC Health Care for Working Families Act.

Quick Signature: Send a letter to tell NC lawmakers to close the health care gap and expand Medicaid!

Across the nation and here in North Carolina, health care is consistently at the top of the list when it comes to issues voters care about. Regardless of political party, religion, or race/ethnicity, our families have a common desire to lead healthy lives, which starts with quality health insurance coverage.

Under the Affordable Care Act, the federal government set aside billions of dollars for our state to extend health care coverage to hard-working North Carolinians who live in poverty (or slightly above the poverty line). It seems like such a no brainer: Want to save lives and improve the health of our communities? Extend health insurance to those who cannot afford it!

H655 is an imperfect bill, but we need legislators to come together and get the job done to expand health care coverage for people who are struggling to afford it in North Carolina. Under the current political climate, this bill is a pragmatic solution for closing the coverage gap that can get support from members of both parties.

It is critical that your lawmakers hear from you TODAY! Send a quick letter to let them know you support expanding health care coverage to low-income uninsured adults.

Medicaid helps families weather the storm during times of need – whether it be during a health care crisis or a time of financial hardship. NC Lawmakers have yet to make this critical and often life-saving program available to about half a million low-income uninsured adults. That needs to change—now.

North Carolina moms and families need and deserve health coverage. Expanding Medicaid would save lives and improve the health of our communities. Health coverage for about half a million low-income North Carolinians is hanging in the balance, so it’s never been more important for us to speak out on the positive impact that expansion would have. 

*When we all speak out together, we show our lawmakers that the people of North Carolina support expanding access to health care for low-income uninsured adults, making a big impact. Send your letter now!

We all have a stake in making health coverage more accessible in North Carolina! Most of the North Carolinians who would be Medicaid-eligible if our state were to expand the program are adults who are employed and work in retail, food preparation, hospitality, service industries, and agriculture. North Carolina’s economy relies heavily on these individuals, and they deserve to have access to the care they need to be able to see a doctor when they get sick.

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