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Nearly 6 years ago, my husband and I decided to live on his income alone so I could stay home and raise our children.  We knew there would be sacrifices to live on only one salary, but never did we imagine that my long term financial independence would be put in jeopardy.  I'd always had good credit and we shared the household financial responsibilities.  However, about a year ago, I found myself in just that position when the CARD Act rules made it impossible for me to get a credit card without my husband's permission.

Thanks to the thousands of you who supported my campaign with MomsRising and on, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau heard us telling them that it was unfair and demeaning - even potentially dangerous - to put stay home spouses in a position like that.  In October of last year, they announced that they were proposing new rules that would correct this unintended consequence and once again allow fair access to credit for stay home spouses like me.

We are so close to calling this complete and for creditworthy stay home spouses to, once again, confidently apply for credit cards.  But there are still a few days left in this comment period and the CFPB needs to hear from all of us just how important this is so it doesn't have a chance to slip through the cracks or leave another "unintended consequence" out there to put our fair access to credit in jeopardy.

Join me and the other supporters by commenting directly on these new rules about just how important it is!  Just click here to get started.  It will take you to the government site collecting comments.

Thanks and I'll see you at the finish line!

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