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Have a New Year's resolution to share? An inspiration for the next 365 days? *Share your resolution by clicking the blog title above or "Read full post" link below, then scroll down to the end of the blog text and Post a Comment.

Speaking of inspired, check out what two MomsRising members, Yvonne and Ken, are doing for their New Year's resolution in the text below.

*A New Look for a New Year by Yvonne and Ken:

"At the end of every December, our family picks themes to represent our upcoming year. The theme is a way to help each of us focus on something we want more (or less) of in our lives. Last year Yvonne's theme was "Start no new projects." Ken's was: "Better balance between time spent at work and time spent at home." At the end of the year, we keep looking ahead and find something new to work towards. 2007 brings us the first unified theme since our marriage.

After seeing the Motherhood Manifesto DVD in December we both were inspired to get involved. Neither of us has spent much time in political activism beyond merely writing a check or signing a petition so this year we pledged to go from passive activism to full-time, every day, social change animals.

We will accomplish this by becoming human MomsRising t-shirt wearing billboards until paid family leave passes in our home state. Yep, we each will wear a MomsRising t-shirt every day, until a paid family leave bill is passed in Washington State.

If we are going to the gym, we fly our MomsRising ripped muscle Rosie. Off to work? MomsRising Rosie goes with us. In mid-January, when we are off to visit the kid's great grandparents, we will be fitting into the Scottsdale Arizona social scene with our matching MomsRising Rosie. At the fancy holiday party for Ken's work, guess who is getting a little bit of craft glitter for Yvonne's outfit? Right again, Racy Rosie our MomsRising mascot.

Oh and just in case you're wondering, the only caveat to our new resolution, is we will not be wearing a MomsRising Rosie for weddings or funerals. So, don't die but do keep those wedding invites coming!

Happy New Year! -- Yvonne and Ken"

We'll keep you in the loop about Yvonne and Ken's progress. Be sure to check out their regular blog postings on the MomsRising homepage, and we’ll also send you updates from time to time.

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