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This is not a drill! Republicans in Congress are manufacturing a MAJOR crisis and putting the health, education, and well-being of our families and economy on the line. Republicans are burying it in wonky language like “debt ceiling” and “deficit.” But we won’t be fooled!

The reality is Speaker McCarthy (R) and Republican extremists in Congress are hoping moms around the country will tune out while they make life-altering decisions that will lead to major spending cuts for Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps (SNAP), WIC, child care, veteran’s programs, and other vital programs. Republicans in Congress want to default on our children and families!

The time to use your outside voice is NOW!

***Watch our video explaining what the debt ceiling is and why this truly matters to your family and then sign our letter calling on Congress to raise the debt ceiling without delay!

Here’s what’s going on: Extremist Republicans in the House of Representatives, led by Speaker Kevin McCarthy, are using a threat to not raise the debt ceiling (which would cause economic chaos in the U.S. and around the world) in an attempt to force Democrats to cut programs like Medicaid and SNAP that are critical to our nation’s families, businesses, and economy. 

This is not a test. Not raising the debt ceiling, i.e. defaulting, would lead to 6 million veterans and their beneficiaries losing benefits, families seeing monthly rental and child care assistance delayed, 65 million people not getting their Social Security checks, and small businesses around the country seeing payments from the federal government delayed, hitting a range of industries, from construction and cleaning services to health care and food services. 

A default of any form would almost definitely catapult our already struggling economy into a recession leading to layoffs, increased poverty, and health risks. [1] And the irresponsible and harmful budget cuts they are suggesting in return for avoiding default will mean more families and children will go hungry–41.5 million people could lose SNAP (food stamps). More people will be sick and unable to see a doctor. Pregnant women won’t get the care they need. And 200,000 low-income children could lose access to Head Start, while 100,000 others would lose the child care assistance they need to access early learning. [2]

If policymakers really care about deficit reduction, they can make the rich and corporations pay their fair share of taxes, not take food, childcare, and healthcare away from children and families!!

Enough is enough! We won’t stand for these dangerous political antics!

We know the debate about the debt ceiling is confusing – that’s why we made a video to explain it! Please watch and share our video explaining what this “debt ceiling default” conversation is all about and then sign our letter calling on Congress to “raise the debt ceiling without delay!”

It’s important that as many people know what is going on as possible. The Republicans are banking on the fact that they can play chicken with our families and no one will notice. Once you watch our video share this email with your friends and family so they can understand fully what the debt ceiling debate is all about. 

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