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Good news! Today I had the opportunity to represent MomsRising at a meeting with White House officials about cancer prevention. Your signatures were delivered along with those from other organizations who are also members of theSafer Chemicals Healthy Families Coalition.

We talked about how concerned parents are about  the chemicals that our children are exposed to every day. And we  delivered over 73,000 signatures on a petition asking the President to make chemical policy reform part of his cancer prevention plan.

Then I told Jon Carson, Nancy Sutley and other White House officials about the tens of thousands of petitions and letters MomsRising members have sent to the President and Congress asking for stronger regulation of toxic chemicals.  I noted that MomsRising has received hundreds of passionate letters from concerned parents about toxics and I read them this letter from a MomsRising member, Lisa from California, which eloquently explains why we need better chemical reform:

"I want comprehensive chemical reform because I am not a chemist. I want to make sure that the products I buy for my son and daughter are safe and healthy. I don't want endocrine disrupters leeching into our food, poisoning our garden, in our cups and our toys. I shouldn't have to be on the alert for BPA, PVC, phenols and parabens in our products, but right now I have to be. I want to assume that stuff I buy is safe. Please help me to do that."

This inspired a lively conversation about how to move toxic substances reform and chemicals work more broadly.  Jon Carson and Nancy Sutley of the White House emphasized the critical importance of the grassroots in moving this reform forward.  They emphasized how committed the President is to chemicals policy reform. We finished up by discussing how to move this agenda forward-- together.

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