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The crowd rises to clap and cheer at the Women's March Anniversary event in Las Vegas on January 21, 2018.

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Editor's note: MomsRising's CEO/Executive Director, Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, delivered a powerful message at the Women's #PowerToThePolls First Anniversary rally event in Las Vegas this past weekend. Check out the Facebook Live video of her remarks as well as the written remarks below:

Hello out there! You all are looking powerful!

Who's feeling powerful? 

Who's here to resist?  Who's here to insist?  And now I know you all are persisters because you wouldn't be here if that wasn't the case! 

I am so excited to be here with you today. At MomsRising we work on national and local policies across the country – and I want to share a little story with you.

Last week I got to testify for the Equal Pay Opportunity Act in Washington State with my 18-year-old-daughter.  We testified together. And I had a 'mom moment.' But then I had another moment where I saw my future flash before my eyes and I said, "Let me not have to come back here with my future grandaughter please. We have had enough generations fighting for equal pay." The time is now for equal pay for equal work.

As we testified we sounded the alarm that we have a national emergency going on in every state in our United States of America -- and one way to see this emergency is to look at who is getting paid what:

Latina women are earning just 54 cents to a white man's dollar. Black women are earning just 63 cents to a white man's dollar. Moms are earning just 71 cents to a white man's dollar. And women overall are earning an average of just 80 cents to a white man’s dollar.

We can change this.  I know we can.

By we, I mean YOU, and ME, and US together -- and I know in my heart that we can change this.


Look around.  We ARE the resisters. We ARE the insisters. And we ARE the persisters!

*Who here feels the beauty of this moment?  Let's hear us roar!

Now, let's look at what’s happened over this past year and celebrate each other.

Women just helped save healthcare for 30 million people. TWICE.

o Now who here helped with that? Raise your hand. Who made a call, who sent an email, who went to a meeting, who shared a story? Let’s hear you! Let's hear us roar!

Women are holding the line at the federal level and making major strides forward in cities & states across the country… including for that Equal Pay Act that I just talked about where I testified along with my daughter and had to say, "Don't make three generations have to come back here, please, state legislature." That bill? That bill just passed the Washington State House two days ago!

· Women are standing up, speaking out, and are demanding equal pay for equal work AND we are also fighting to end racial profiling and police brutality.

o *Who stands with us for this?!

· Women are dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline AND we are fighting to save the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

o *Who stands with us for this?!

· Women are working to pass paid family/medical leave AND we are demanding that DREAMERS and families not be ripped apart by inhumane and racist immigration policies.

o *Who stands with us for this?!

Gender justice is racial justice is economic justice. One never happens without the others.

We rise with and for one another knowing that we can’t win anyone’s freedom without fighting for everyone’s freedoms.

Our movement together is growing: At MomsRising alone our over million members took more than double the amount of actions in the last year.  Millions of actions, millions of constituent contacts adding up, building a movement for change.

o WOMEN are on FIRE and that FIRE is growing!

The strands of all of us woven together is an unbreakable force.

Make no mistake: The fight for women’s rights to succeed is a fight for our nation to succeed.

So together, and intersectionally, we are marching to voting booths across the nation, to state legislatures, to our nation’s capital -- and we are marching to fight the racism, sexism, and white supremacy that’s being pushed into policy with the Oval Office leading the way.

We are imagining a better world and reaching for it.

We will not back down. We will keep voting and getting our friends, family and neighbors voting too. We will keep marching.

· And We Will Win.


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