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Reading has many benefits for people of all ages and the benefits start at a very young age! As parents, we are our children’s first teachers and by reading with our kids from an early age we can nurture their social-emotional skills by using books and stories to discuss how to understand, express, and manage emotions.  

In addition helping children manage emotions, reading with kids:

·         Increases vocabulary.

·         Develops the imagination.

·         Encourages critical thinking.

·         Fosters empathy.

·         Creates great bonding moments for parents and children

·         Widens children's worlds to new cultures and places.

·         Increases and strengthens emotional intelligence. 

So, let's get reading!  Also, reading to kids in their home language helps kids thrive!  

Now the fun part! We want to hear from you!


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Need help getting started?

Check out these great suggestions—books that will help your little ones discuss and manage their emotions, talk about self-awareness, responsibility and more!


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