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You can go straight to the poll, here. Or stick around while I explain it.

It all started a few months ago when a friend of mine made a confession: Sometimes she fantasizes about getting into a minor car accident so that she'll have to go to the hospital for a few days. My friend doesn't have a death wish, she's just so stressed out working and taking care of her kids that a hospital visit sounds tantalizingly restful.

We had a sad little chuckle over it. Dark comedy.

And then, a few weeks ago, I received a long email from someone who'd been reading my blog. It was from another working mom who confessed that she, too, had the hospital fantasy. After I posted her letter last week (with her permission), several people left comments admitting to their own hospital fantasies.

I started wondering how many other moms and dads would feel lucky to get, say...bunion surgery, or maybe a minor concussion, if it meant a break from their daily obligations.

Will you take the poll? It takes 2 seconds.

Take the poll, here. You can see the results instantly. And please share it with your friends. The more responses the better!

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