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“I am 72 with 3 chronic genetic diseases. My Rx costs are beyond what I can afford and I have postponed getting refills and doing without due to lack of funds. There are millions of us out here. Parents of handicapped children, diabetics, others with chronic illnesses. We need your help. Please work with pharma businesses to stop gouging the sick and the poor.”  - Mary in Kentucky 

No matter our race, place, or politics, most of us want similar things: to make a good living, to care for our families, and to have the best chance possible to be healthy. But for far too many people, having affordable access to life-sustaining and life-saving medications is a struggle. It doesn’t have to be this way. We’re going to need a huge push to combat the influence that big pharma has on members of Congress.

It’s time to make our voices heard even louder to make sure this policy becomes a win -- and we have a powerful (and easy) way for you to do just that by sending a letter to the editor of your local paper.

We cannot afford for our lives and livelihoods to be used as a political football. It is past time for Congress to act to rein in high drug prices! Letters to the editor in local newspapers are some of the most impactful ways to get your representatives' attention while simultaneously engaging your community and neighbors as well! 

Reining in drug prices will benefit seniors, families, employers and the thousands of COVID long-haulers now facing chronic conditions who have already waited too long for action from Congress to lower drug prices. We need them to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices, cap insulin costs at $35 per month, and cap seniors’ out-of-pocket drug spending at $2,000 per year. [1] This would truly be life-changing for millions of Americans who struggle to afford their medicines and it’s up to us to demand that Congress pass a reconciliation bill that includes measures to lower drug prices.

→ Can we count on you to send a letter to your local paper? It’s easy. We will walk you through every step of the way and even give you sample content. Take a couple minutes to have a lasting impact by making your voice heard on this important issue to make prescription drugs affordable for all.

*Writing a letter to the editor is easier than you think. When you click on the link above, we’ll lead you through a quick process to write a letter to the editor for your local newspaper with just a few clicks.

The clock is ticking for us to make sure this makes it into your local newspaper. Letters to the editor are a powerful way to make sure leaders hear your voice. 

The pre-drafted letter (which you can edit when you click through) simply says:

Everyone should be able to access and afford the medication they need in order to live the healthiest life possible. As drug prices have risen, insurers are shifting costs to consumers and families are suffering, unable to afford the medications they need. This is putting families here in our state and across the country at risk because outrageously high drug prices are preventing them from maintaining their health. We cannot be silent as this continues.  

Congress’ top priority must be to address the outrageous list prices that manufacturers charge, which drive up costs throughout the system.

The repercussions are horrendous when our loved ones skip medication. Whether they have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or other chronic conditions, skipping medication can lead to deteriorating health and even premature death. It’s time for everyone to work together to rein in rising prescription drug prices so we can improve the health and save the lives of countless Americans. 

Be sure to submit your letter to the editor now by taking just a few simple steps. 

The more people who speak out, the bigger our impact. After you submit your own letter to the editor, please forward this email to friends:

Together we are a powerful voice for the health of families.



[1] Kaiser Family Foundation, Explaining the Prescription Drug Provisions in the Build Back Better Act

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