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Today my car almost ran out of gas. So I coasted into the gas station & tried pumping gas, balancing by bouncing around on my one unbroken foot, only to learn that gas hoses can be cranky and throw off your balance in a big way.

There were all women at the gas pumps today. All moms. So we had a moment. I looked up, had a good laugh at myself, and said, "Um, would you mind helping me get this gas into my car?"

It can be hard to ask for help.

Her answer touched me: "Thought you'd never ask. In fact, hoping you'd ask."

Lesson: Women are often ready to help each other, whether it's pumping gas or—wait for it... saving health care. We just have to ask. Specifically, many women are watching ridiculous events unfold daily—from seeing someone hopping on one foot (with the other foot encased in a hot pink cast) at a gas pump to watching a train wreck of an all-male U.S. Senate committee cutting up our health care—ready to help lift other women if asked.

So this is my long way of saying: THANK YOU to all the women who help & who stand ready to help at a moments notice... And also to say: Your help is needed again.

**Please call your U.S. Senators right now to help urge them to protect our health care at 1-888-496-4842!

Here are more details on what’s happening: U.S. Senator McConnell (KY-R) has initiated Rule 14 proceedings, which is just a fancy way of saying he is trying to fast track the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. No hearings. No expert input. And we (and Democratic Senators) likely won’t even see a draft of the bill until a day before they vote—It is outrageous!!

Just a month ago the U.S. House of Representatives tried something similar. They even hid their awful health care bill somewhere in a locked room in the U.S. Capitol and wouldn’t allow anyone to see it! We now know why. It turned out that the House bill would have a disastrous impact on health care for over 70 million people who rely on Medicaid, including over 30 million children. It would also turn the clock back to a time when people with pre-existing conditions could be denied care and most people paid astronomical out-of-pocket costs. This would hurt our families, communities, and economy. It would be nothing short of devastating.

Now Republicans in the US Senate are trying the same tricks, hiding away from public eyes, shutting people out of the room. This does not bode well for women and families—or for our economy.

Call now! Demand the public and experts have time to review the health care bill BEFORE it is brought to a vote. 1-888-496-4842

Then pass this number on to invite your friends to help save our health care too. I’m sure many of them are hoping you’ll ask.

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