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Angela Hansen and son, Oliver Hansen from Westminster, CO

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The current Medicaid program offers essential resources for low-income women and their children, including screenings for postpartum depression, and check-ups. These benefits help babies surivive and mothers thrive. Anything less than these offerings is both shockingly cruel and counterproductive as public health policy.

Let’s hear from Angela Hansen a Medicaid recipient, from Westminster, CO.

My son has a rare genetic disease called tuberous sclerosis, which causes him to have various health problems. His current health and developmental problems are epilepsy, autism, developmental delay, and intellectual disability. He deals with heart issues, skin issues, and kidney issues as well, and he is at high risk for hydrocephalus. He needs consistent, specialized medical care and sees several specialists at Childrens Hospital Colorado. He will deal with this disease his entire life, and his needs and problems will likely change as he ages.

Even if Republicans don’t believe that every person deserves basic health care, regardless of income, they should recognize that the government has an interest in keeping children healthy. Research suggests that healthy children become productive students, responsible citizens, and responsible citizens. Cutting off health benefits from a mother sets both the mother and the child up for a cascading set of impediments to physical and financial health.

Angela continues…

Oliver has a Medicaid waiver along with private insurance. Getting Medicaid when he was 2 years old was a life saver for my family. His medical bills were stacking up, even with the excellent insurance I had through my job. Medicaid has given my family room to breathe, financially speaking. His Medicaid waiver has also allowed him to access other therapies that would have been cost prohibitive without it.

We have to continue to fight for the protections of Medicaid and other safety net programs. For families like Angela and Olive whose very life and well-being depend on it.


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