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Since the tragic shooting in Parkland, the national conversation on gun safety has dramatically changed. Students have taken the lead on asking for meaningful and sensible gun reform, and have elevated important and often-ignored discussions about gun violence in communities of color across America. Their leadership has given Americans real hope for a safer future, one with less gun violence and more ethical government.
MomsRising members, like so many Americans, have stepped up to the students' call for action: they are have showed up to student-organized school walkouts, marched in solidarity and strength at #MarchForOurLives in cities nationwide, and donated to raise money to print thousands of No NRA Money sign for the marches in Washington, D.C. and Parkland, Florida! 

Check more photos of our members (and their families!)at #MarchForOurLives events in the album below:

No NRA Money signs -paid for by the generous donations of MomsRising members nationwide - had an incredible visual impact at #MarchForOurLives events in in Washington, D.C. and Parkland, Florida, amplifying the message that elected officials and candidates for office shoule not take any money from the NRA. 
To see more photos of the No NRA Money signs at the marches in Washington, D.C. and Parkland, browse some of the media coverage linked below:
In addition, to show gratitude and support for all that the students do, thousands of MomsRising members have added their names to our "Stand with the Students" map and added personal stories and messages of encouragement. You can add you own message here:
Check out the links below to see some selected messages of support, thanks, and encouragement that our members have submitted to the students! Many more can be found on the MomsRising Facebook and Twitter pages.


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