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Tired of school shootings & gun violence, attacks on reproductive rights, efforts to deny healthcare access, those denying equal pay for equal work?  The list is endless.

Did you vote on November 4th?  Are you now disgusted with the political landscape, particularly on the legislative level or even  or on the local level?  Feel helpless, tired of yelling at the television and the whole darn process?

Another option.  Run for office.  

Yes, you.  Yes, you the stay-at-home mom/working mom/not even a mom at all.  I’m asking you right now to add “running for office” to your endless to-do list.

Women have to be asked to run for office, often asked more than once.    I remember exactly who it was who asked me the first time years ago.  

My reaction:  “Who me?  You kidding?  There’s no way I’m qualified.”  The same reaction many women have.   

I serve in a state legislature with a majority of men. Today in Missouri we have 41 women (19 Democrats and 22 Republicans) out of 163 elected to the state house.  Only 23% of our state house members are women, similar to the national average of women in state houses at 25%.  

You’ve heard, “If you’re not at the table, you’re probably on the menu.”  So true.  Legislation to lower the minimum wage or to cut public school funding or to arm teachers are usually 
shepherded through by men often representing big business interests with women’s voices minimalized. 

More women in office mean less anti-women/anti-family bills.  More women equal louder voices to expand family leave and preschool education for every kid which we know will produce a healthier economy.

So, all of you women, stop doubting yourself and just do it.  

You can raise money.  You can knock doors.  You can do it with children or no children. You can win. 

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