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Parents' Action for Children has got what it takes, and then some. This very special organization, that focuses on action parents can take to make a difference in the lives of our kids, is the real deal when they say "action." Because of their commitment to make a move and use their voice when they see a need, I can say with great certainty, the families of Pennsylvania are grateful to these tremendous people.

This story is also yet another example of why the internet, and all of you, are so, dang awesome.

Ten days ago the advocacy director of Parents' Action for Children, Suzanne Greenfield, read about Kiki and the campaign for Pennsylvania families here on the MomsRising blog. Immediately, Suzanne and others were able to turn around an action alert to their Pennsylvania members (several hundred strong,) titled, "Pennsylvania Parents: We Need to Act!" But, did they stop there? No way! The action alert was so successful, just yesterday, Parents' Action sent ANOTHER action alert to their wonderful group. The subject line on this one was, "Pennsylvania Parents: Our job is not done (Is it ever?)" Yep, now you know why I love these guys so much. And I just know the phones and email in-boxes in Harrisburg are burning up.

Here is the email alert Parents' Action sent to their members, and, yes, that last line about emailing to 10 Pennsylvania friends, it made me cry. This group is so amazing and boy do they know what they are doing. Thank you Parents' Action for all you do to change the world and, we hope and pray every day, change Pennsylvania.

From the Parents' Action e-alert:

"Thank you, Pennsylvania parents, for speaking up. Last week we told you about a mother in Pennsylvania, Kiki Peppard, who is championing a bill to change Pennsylvania law so that, in job interviews, parents are not asked whether or not they have children. Kiki wrote in to update us on the situation. The Pennsylvania legislature has not heard from enough parents - and the bill has not moved. Kiki also mentioned a radio program in Pennsylvania last week where 3 owners of small businesses called in to say that they never want to hire a mother again.They insisted that mothers with children are a hiring risk. Whether you're a mom or a dad, you should not be asked to choose between a job and your children. Representative O'Brien and Senator Gordner need to hear from more parents. If you haven't already done so, please email Representative O'Brien and Senator Gordner today!

"Please forward this email to 10 Pennsylvania friends who can add their voice to the chorus of parents demanding a change."

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