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In a couple weeks, the White House will be convening the first Summit on Early Learning. We need your help to make sure this Summit actually leads to action for our littlest learners.

We need action fast. I'm looking at my little 2-month-old and I know we have less than 2,000 days before he starts kindergarten. We only have 2,000 days when a baby's brain is growing and changing the fastestWith each and every passing day of inaction on the federal level, we lose one more day, one more child, one more incredible opportunity to ensure that all of our littlest learners are ready and successful for school and life.

But sadly, quality child care now costs more than college in our nation—and even though parents need safe, enriching places for children to be so they can work, too few options are available.

It’s a national emergency.

*Sign our open letter asking for action and investments NOW in early learning opportunities like preschool and childcare to ensure all kids are ready and successful for school and life:

* We will deliver this letter at the White House Summit and personally to each member of Congress.

Why does early learning and access to quality childcare matter?

Research tells us that the first 2,000 days build the critical foundation for a child's readiness to be successful in school and life. Leading economists agree, investments in high-quality early learning programs like preschool and childcare actually save future dollars for everyone. In fact, children who have high-quality early learning experiences are more likely to succeed in school, graduate from high school, gain stable employment, and are less likely to be arrested later in life. Studies show that for every dollar invested in high-quality early learning, we see a return of up to $7.00.

Voters understand that it is important to spend now in order to save later. In fact 71% of voters (both Republican and Democrat) want to invest in early learning now to save future dollars

How will YOUR petition signature make a difference?

Acting alone, it can be hard for any one person to break through to Congress. But your signature combined with thousands more signatures from Momsrising members across the country can make a big difference. We will personally deliver each and every signature and story to the White House Summit on Early Learning to remind leaders that families are counting on them to deliver high-quality early learning opportunities for all of our children.

Let's make sure we don't squander another one of these incredible 2,000 days for any child. And let’s make sure that access to high quality child care is expanded. Sign this open letter to show our country's moms and kids are behind increased investments in affordable, high-quality early learning opportunities like childcare to ensure all children are ready and successful for school and life.

Could you also share this blogpost with three or four friends? The more signatures our petition has, the bigger the impact. You can help make sure our littlest learners are not forgotten.

Together we are a powerful voice for children and families.

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