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What I liked most about the Olympics were the commercials that thanked moms for all they do behind the scenes to help their children achieve their best. As the mother of a young athlete who finds herself stretched between working full-time and getting my son to hockey and soccer practices, I saw myself in those commercials.

I really appreciated the shout-out as I know other moms did. It was nice to be recognized for what we do outside of Mother’s Day. And now, there’s a way we can honor caregivers like ourselves with a special video from "Give A Care", a new campaign that honors all caregivers.

The video and the campaign are special to me because caregiving is not something that anyone can prepare for. Often times, it’s thrust upon us and we have to step up to meet the challenge. The video shows the daily struggles three caregivers go through. But it also shows the rewards, which are priceless.

It’s unfortunate that it takes commercials and videos to acknowledge caregivers. But that can change, and it starts by simply recognizing those who dedicate themselves to the complicated job of giving care. But this is just a first step: at some point down the line there are ways that laws and institutions will need to change in order to truly recognize the time, effort and love of caregivers.

“Give a Care” is part of that transformation, and through this campaign we hope to help create a world where the dignity and responsibility of caregivers is finally recognized.

Editor's note: This video is customizable-- you can insert the name of a caregiver, parent, grandparent, or anyone you appreciate. Click the link to check it out!

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