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You hear about NH every four years because of the presidential election, but other things are happening in NH too! Some good, some not so good. Did you see the news about Concord, NH's first baby of 2017? (1) The night that Lamar and his wife Lindsay should have been celebrating the New Year arrival of their baby Cainan instead will be remembered for the text Lamar received at 1AM informing him that he was fired from his job for missing work to be at the birth! Come on!!!

New Hampshire is much like the rest of the country - and as we start 2017, less than 1/3 of working people in New Hampshire (2) have access to paid family and medical leave. 

However there is hope! During the election, I was super pumped to see our question on paid family and medical leave asked during a gubernatorial forum - and even more thrilled when both candidates indicated their support for paid family and medical leave. Well - the time has come for action!

>>>> Now is the time to let Governor Chris Sununu know that we heard him loud and clear and we are willing to work with him to get paid family and medical leave passed for all NH workers. Can you join me in letting Governor Sununu know we heard him and that we are eager to see a paid family and medical leave program passed in New Hampshire this legislative session?

We're not surprised that Governor Sununu supports paid family and medical leave - because we know he is far from alone! Across New Hampshire, over 80% of Granite Staters support paid family and medical leave! (3) - in fact here's another fun fact - nearly 69% are willing to pay the cost of a peppermint latte to access this leave! (4)

This sky-high level of support is because paid family and medical leave is a clear win-win-win for both employers and employees and our state's economy. Paid family and medical leave increases worker retention, increases employee satisfaction and really allows for us all to approach work and life with far more confidence. (5) 

We need to let our Governor Sununu know that his support for paid family and medical leave did not go unnoticed. In fact, we want to tell him loud and clear that we are here, we are watching and we are ready to work with him to produce the best paid family and medical leave program possible for all Granite Staters.

>>>> Will you sign on today to let the Governor Sununu know that New Hampshire is ready for paid family and medical leave?

The time is right! Let’s work together to make New Hampshire the next state to provide paid family and medical leave to all our workers!

Thank you!


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