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I was shocked when I heard Kiki Peppard’s story of searching for work only to be repeatedly denied the opportunity to prove her worth and support her children simply because she was a mother. Her unrelenting commitment to passing a law in PA to protect other mothers from the discrimination she suffered has me in awe.

She is my hero. Now after 12 years it looks like she just might succeed. Awesome women and organizations like NOW and 9 to 5, are mobilized in PA to demand action now, before the legislation that Kiki so painstaking shepherded dies in committee for the third time in November. And when this legislation passes it will be a harbinger of change in this country. Nobody wants institutionalized discrimination against mothers in this country, yet a majority of states do not protect parents.

When we shine a light on this shameful practice we can fix it. I am so proud to be one of the women standing with Kiki.

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