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Do you know about this important emerging conversation this week at Bioneers conference in San Rafael?

Motherhood and Leadership: From the Traditional to the Revolutionary

As women’s roles are undergoing revolutionary change, also changing are ideas of who can beget and raise children, motherhood as women’s destiny, and concepts of leadership. Many of the qualities deemed necessary for effective and transformational leadership are some of the very skills traditionally developed in mothering: organization, teaching, guiding, handling conflicting claims and disturbances, multi-tasking, split-second decision-making based in intuition and values, nurturing and collaboration, and resolving differences. Mothers have throughout time been leaders in homes, families and communities, but our notions of leadership are still based in the heroic business-political-military model, hence we do not recognize leaders all around us, or inside us. How might changing models of motherhood and leadership coalesce to free both from conventional constraint?

Over the course of the 3-day conference starting 10/19 there will be many remarkable plenaries, workshops, experiential sessions, and campaign connections on issues of special interest to women – the women’s programming track can be viewed here.

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