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Last night, federal judges in Hawaii and Maryland halted Donald Trump’s second attempt at a Muslim ban--hours before Trump’s Executive Order would have taken effect. In reaction to the court's’ temporary restraining orders, Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, CEO and executive director of issued the following statement:
“Once again, our nation’s legal system has done its job in recognizing that while the Trump Administration may have changed some of its language around the controversial Muslim travel ban - their intent remained the same.  And that intent is a violation of our U.S. Constitution and our country’s values.  This new Executive Order is sadly more of the same: Unconstitutional state-sanctioned Islamophobia and discrimination that betrays our values and contributes nothing to security.
“We teach our children to be inclusive, not to bully, and to treat other people as they would like to be treated.  As our children learn in school, the rights of all people in our country, no matter their background, to live, love and worship as they will - are enshrined in our U.S. Constitution.  Trump seems to have missed those lessons. But we will not let the Trump Administration betray those values.
“As the courts continue to reject these orders, we all also have moral obligation to defend our U.S. Constitution, protect our neighbors, and prevent this cruel and bigoted proposal from ever taking effect -- and America’s moms will be on the front lines of that fight.”

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