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The #RADIO show this week starts out by getting the inside scoop on the minimum wage, which for tipped workers is stuck at $2.13 an hour!  We discuss how this impacts you and our economy.  Then in the next interview we cover just how many people do have access to paid sick days, and how many don't, as dangerous viruses make the front pages across our nation.  Next up we hear from Dr. America, not Captiain America, but doctor.  And yes, the doctor is in!  Then the show closes with nun other than the superstars from…. Nuns on a Bus!
*Special guests include:  Indivar Dutta Gupta, Director of the Project on Deep Poverty, Senior Fellow at Center on Poverty and Inequality at Georgetown University, as well as author of Improving Wages, Improving Lives: Why raising the minimum wage is a civil and human rights issueRuth Martin, MomsRising;  Sanjeev K. Sriram, AKA Dr. America;  and Sister Simone Campbell, Executive Director of NETWORK and Nuns on the Bus.

LISTEN: In the DC-area, on many stations across the nation, and anytime on and TuneIn's Progressive Voices & on iTunes, where you can subscribe for free!

Thank you to radio experts Paul Van Erem, Sarah Howard-Garoutte, Melissa Byrne, Kymone Freeman, Alex Lawson, Peter James Callahan and Jon Sinton.


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