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Yesterday, California Governor Jerry Brown made his state safer and stronger by signing SB54, the California Values Act, into law. This bill will shield some Californians from some of the Trump administration’s heartless deportation policies, protecting families, improving public safety and strengthening the state’s communities and economy. We applaud Gov. Brown and the state legislature for standing up to ICE, and for supporting the diversity that helps make California strong, innovative and prosperous.
Despite the Trump administration’s claims to the contrary, SB54 will bolster public safety in California. ICE’s shameful actions have forced immigrants into the shadows, making them less likely to report crimes and seek protection from law enforcement. This culture of fear threatens the safety of children, families and communities.
Moms and dads know this, and we know that immigrants are essential to California’s culture and economy. That’s why more than 6,000 MomsRising members signed a petition in support of the California Values Act, and many more across the state have called their legislators, attended demonstrations and participated in hearings to urge its passage. We don’t want to build walls, tear apart families or punish those who just wish to work, learn and live in peace.
We thank Gov. Brown for doing what he can to safeguard families by standing up to the administration’s dangerous immigration policies, and hope to see other states follow in California’s footsteps.

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