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Diversity makes America strong, creative and prosperous - and that diversity comes from immigrants.  We know that immigrants play a large and important role in our economy, but today’s #DayWithoutImmigrants action proves just how important immigrants are:  founding many of our largest companies, creating and running small businesses, employing many people in our nation, playing an important role in our labor force, and as caregivers, workers, and community members.

The mothers of America do not want to build walls, deport immigrants or block refugees in need of new homes from resettling in this country.  We do not want to impose de facto religious tests on those seeking entry into our nation. We do not want to create divisions in our communities by treating immigrant families and  students with suspicion or by subjecting them to inappropriate and undeserved scrutiny.

As President Trump and his allies in Congress make further plans to divide our country, attack immigrants and push through policies that hurt our economies, our families and communities - mothers stand against him.

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