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By Cora Fuss,

Last June I had an opportunity to meet an amazing group of women and do something truly inspirational for me and many other people.  I had been a part of the CTWorkingMoms blogger group since December but had only met a handful of the women.  I was quite nervous knowing most of the women already knew each other but once I entered the room my fears were calmed. We are a sight to see.  We all vary in our ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, and so many other unseen ways.  We have different parenting styles, different families, different values and beliefs.  What unites us is that we are all mothers.  We are all damn good mothers.

I will admit that before the Judgement Free Motherhood Campaign I was a judgey mom and had been judged for my choices.  I looked differently at moms who made choices that were different from mine, whether or not I thought there was anything “wrong” with the opposing choice.  Ironically, there were also many choices I made as a mother for which I was judged.  I didn’t breastfeed.  I used cloth diapers.  I took an extended leave.  I went back to work.

Doing the original campaign taught me that there are a million things we as mothers choose to do differently from each other and that doesn’t make it wrong, it just makes it different. There are still choices that other mothers make that I disagree with-there always will be- the difference is I’ve stopped judging.  If a child is being raised with love, support, and care who am I to question?  It’s not easy to give up judgment and in fact it requires mental effort; but it’s worth it.  So much wasted energy goes into being the judgey mom.  It leaves us no where worthwhile to judge another person for their choices or beliefs.  Without my involvement in the Judgement Free Campaign I don’t think I would have come to this realization and for that I am truly grateful.

In support of our original mission CTWorkingMoms teamed up with The Bump for a truly incredible initiative.  Moms for Moms Day will be Tuesday, March 4th and will celebrate judgment free motherhood.  In preparation for the day our group of lovely ladies got together for a photo shoot with our fabulous photographer Jean Modeltz along with some other bloggers from Sh*tty Mom and Momtrends in New York at the Bump headquarters.  You can find out more about that photo shoot here.  On Moms for Moms Day we are asking you to show your support for judgment free motherhood by snapping a picture of yourself, or of you and your mom friends holding your own signs in mommy solidarity.  You can download a fill-in-the-blank sign here.  Share the pics on social media with the hashtag #moms4moms and tag @ctworkingmoms and @thebump on Twitter.  This campaign has already gone viral twice (!) so we know the message is a powerful one.  We want you to help us spread it. Moms are powerful when we're united and the MomsRising community knows that well.


Photo credit: Jean Molodetz

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