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Despite media speculation about the "weary working woman" not making it to the polls, we are definitely casting our ballots!  If the MomsRising map filled with pledges to vote is any indication, moms, dads, grandparents and caregivers are heading to the polls in droves this election. Neither rain nor sleet nor soccer practice nor childcare pickups will keep us from making our voices heard!

Not only are we voting, we're blogging! It didn't take much digging to find dozens of inspirational blogposts about folks who are voting: for a family member who's sick and needs health insurance; for friends who are out of work and are counting on unemployment insurance; for their kids who have no other voice to legislators.  Check out the variety of posts below-- from policymakers to parents, everyone's got an important stake in this election.

Got a friend or family member who's thinking of sitting this election out?  Be sure to click the red Share link below and send them this blogpost! The links are filled with inspirational stories and hard hitting facts about why we all need to turn up at the polls.  Don't let them miss out!

Cast Your Vote for Women and Families Nov. 2nd , Julie Vogtman, National Women's Law CenterFrom Social Security to single moms, there are countless reasons to vote to support women and families. As Julie writes, "Women have the power to elect leaders who will prioritize investments that can help women and their families through hard times, expand opportunity, and strengthen the economy."

Five Things for Politicians to Remember About Women Voters on Election Day, Joanne Bamberger, PunditMom

By the People, For the People, Dawn Comer Jefferson, Three Ring Circus

My Vote Says-- Health Reform Helps Women, Kelli Garcia, NWLC
Kelli lists how her vote will go to support health reform and to celebrate the long road we've come to ensuring that women don't pay more for healthcare just for being women.

No Snoozing this Nov 2, Cat Calhoun, SuperCatCalhoun
Voting is a "do."

Why Women Should Vote: For Justice, Amy K. Matsui, NWLC
Amy lists how the judiciary can be affected by women voting to support those who understand how the law affects everyday families.

How Vomit Can Inspire Women To Vote, Morningside Mom
Kids can show us how to dig deep for what we care about.  We might be tired, but as this blogger says, "'s not time to do nothing. [...] And we make a difference." Yes.

2010: The Year of Talking About Women and Elections, Karen Middleton, Emerge America

Nine Reasons Women Need to Vote This Election Day, Anea Bogue, MomLogic

Conference Call Presents Election Media Coverage Analysis of Women Candidates With Krystal Ball, Yana Walton, Women's Media Center (opportunity to sign up for a conference call on sexism and women in politics with the people who brought us the Name It. Change It. campaign)

Why I Vote, Meghan, Life360
How a grandmother passed on the legacy of voting to her family.

Have you written a blogpost on women and the 2010 elections? Feel free to share your link below!

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