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First off, I had a fabulously fun time this Monday appearing with Kristin on KALW radio in San Francisco. She's totally inspiring, spot-on with numbers and statistics, and well, just a pleasure to be on air with. In our blog format here, I feel like I should be waving down (hi Kristin!) to her on her entry, just below.

I've been lightly following the debates over Feminine Mistake. Can't help but think that while the NY-based intelligentsia is debating what mothers should be doing, MomsRising was out in force in Washington State, putting on the pressure to pass paid family leave.

Media question: which of these events got more media coverage?

Answer: not the politically important and far-reaching fact of the second state in the nation passing paid family leave, with at least three others close behind. Seems we much prefer the blame-women, don't-think-about-the-system drama, instead.

If you want some clear-headed relief, if you, like me, tire of the constant cultural debate, carried on for the most part by women who are much older than most of today's mothers with young children, who raised their kids in different times, and who choose not to understand what we face in our work-and-family lives, then head over to see the breath of fresh air offered by Becky at I'd Like to Buy a Vowel.

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