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As moms we are expert nudgers.  Often times a good nudge is all it takes to get my daughter moving in the right direction and doing what she knows she needs to do.

Right now, our Massachusetts legislators need a nudge in the right direction. They have until February 4 - that’s this Friday! - to sign on to co-sponsor the paid sick days bill.  Last year there were 95 co-sponsors. This year we want at least 100 legislators to co-sponsor the bill.   The more co-sponsors the bill has, the better chance it has of passing this year.

Nudge your legislators now. Tell them: Don’t forget to sign on to co-sponsor the paid sick days bill!

I’ll be working closely with our partners at the Mass Paid Leave Coalition over the next few days to make sure that we meet our goal of getting 100 legislators to co-sponsor the paid sick days legislation. I’ll be making calls and visiting legislators, but I need your help!

Right now, from the comfort of your own computer, you can give me some online back up and nudge your legislators to co-sponsors the paid sick days bill:

What would the paid sick days bill do?

"An Act Establishing Paid Sick Days," would ensure that all Massachusetts employees could earn a minimum of seven paid sick days annually to take care of their own health needs and those of family members. Sick days can also be used by victims of domestic violence for their medical, psychological and legal needs. Senator Pat Jehlen (D 2nd Middlesex) and Representative Kay Khan (D 11th Middlesex) are the lead sponsors of the legislation.

Why are paid sick days so critical?

We all know how fast the flu can travel through a workplace, school, or child care center, yet 1.4 million MA employees (that is almost half the state!) are not allowed by their employers to earn paid sick days. That means they have an impossible choice between going to work sick, and losing a day’s pay (and possibly their jobs) if they stay home sick or with sick kids. This is a big problem – when sick folks aren’t able to stay home, it puts everyone’s health at risk – coworkers, restaurant patrons, school kids, and, well, everyone.

Nudge your legislator now and remind them that 1.4 million families across Massachusetts are counting on them to co-sponsor and support the paid sick days bill.

*Don’t forget to click the "Share the Knowledge!" link at the bottom of this post to pass this message on to at least three of your friends and family in Mass to keep the MOMentum going!

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