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A new report by WalletHub analyzed state dynamics across 12 key metrics to identify the Best & Worst States for Working Moms. I'm disappointed to report that Louisiana ranks 51st (including the District of Columbia).

The report asks a serious question:

Workplace inequality is important not only in the spirit of a merit-based economy, but also for deeply ingrained social reasons. For instance, should women have to choose between career and family?

Voted_Against_Equal_Pay_2015.jpgWhat's worse, several pieces of legislation were introduced this legislative session to provide equal pay for women and paid leave for families, but have sadly not garnered the kind of support that one would suspect for such common sense policies. If you're curious about who is voting against working moms just look at the graphic to the right.

It's not all bad news, Senator Edwin Murray's bill to expand equal pay protections for women in Louisiana is still alive. Additionally, Senator Karen Carter Peterson's bills to provide paid family and sick leave for working families should come up next week.

Check out the MAP below to see where other states rank. A complete breakdown of the findings are here.



If you have not already signed the petition to support Equal Pay - please sign today and share with your friends.

And sign the petition to support Paid Family and Sick leave.

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