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This week, traditional and new media outlets are abuzz with news about Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In. For once, the focus of the media is on workplace policies and practices that directly impact women and families. So we're taking the tiger by the tail!

In celebration of all women, and of Women’s History Month, MomsRising is bringing you this blog carnival -- scroll down to see all the posts -- where you can read the diverse perspectives of many people about contemporary women's equality. Whether you like Sandberg's new Lean In book (and concept) or despise it: It's long past time to discuss women's equality in the workplace and what still needs to be done. "Lean In," "Lean Up," "Lean Down," or just plain "Lean," it's going to take all of us, leaning together, to build a better nation for women and families.

Allison O'Kelly, Mom Corps
As Women, We Are Our Own Best Source of Inspiration

Anonymous MomsRising Member
Marissa Mayer Edict Reinforces Regressive Work Place Practices

Aurelia Flores,
5 Reasons Latinas Can (and Should!) Get Ready for Leadership

Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson, Why Managing Sucks and How To Fix It
Welcome to the Past: Best Buy Embraces Last Century Management Practices

Cali Yost, CEO and Consultant Speaker
5 Insanely Simple Work-Life Balance Shortcuts From People Who "Have It All"

Carolyn Edgar, Attorney and Publisher
Working Women Blues

Cheryl Stober, Busy Since Birth
Lean In to What, Exactly?

Dominique Browning, Moms Clean Air Force
We Can Be World Changers, Game Changers, and Diaper Changers. Why I Say: More Power to Sheryl Sandberg

Donna Schwartz Mills, SoCal Moms and
Lean In, Chin Up and Tune Out

Elisa Batista, and
Caregiving In the Face of Hostility

Dr. Elisabeth Kelan, Rising Stars: Developing Millennial Women As Leaders
Why Millennial Women Do Not Want to Emulate Senior Women and What To Do About It

Jennifer Lee, Feminist: Stories from Women's Liberation
In Hollywood, the Numbers of Women Matter

Joan Blades,,, Living Room Conversations
Let's Lean In to Updating Our Work Culture!

Joan C. Williams and Katherine Ullman, Center for WorkLife Law at University of California-Hastings
MAKERS, A Cautionary Tale: Sandberg, Mayer, Slaughter and Feminism Today

Joanne Bamberger, PunditMom and the Broad Side
Sheryl Sandberg and Marissa Mayer: "Lean In" and Get Your Butt to the Office!

Kathy Korman Frey, The Hot Mommas Project
Are You a Member of the In Crowd – The “Lean In” Crowd?

Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner,
Think this Doesn’t Matter to You? Think Again.

Linda Meric,
Lifting Up not Leaning In is Key to Helping Women Get

Liz Watson, National Women's Law Center
"Leaning in?" Women in low-wage jobs do it every day.

Melanie Edwards, Modern Mami
Marissa Mayer & Yahoo Send a Clear (Negative) Message To Employees & Working Parents

Morra Aarons-Mele, Women Online and The Mission List
Why 'Lean In' Makes Me Depressed

Nanette Fondas, The Custom-Fit Workplace
Teleworking Helps Mothers "Lean In"

Stephanie Coontz, Evergreen State College and Council on Contemporary Families
Assessing Sheryl Sandberg's "Lean In"

Tanvi Gautam, Global People Tree and WOW Factor
There’s No Glass Ceiling On Twitter

Terri E. Givens, Soccer Mom, Professor, Entrepreneur, Athlete and Activist
Work, Life and Responsibility

Valerie Young, National Association of Mothers' Centers
Sheryl Sandberg's Most Important Words

Kristin Maschka,
4 Things Sheryl Sandberg Gets Right (and Wrong) in 'Lean In'

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"More Feminist Than Thou: Moving Beyond Self-Defeating “Choose-My-Choice” Feminism", Andrea Grimes for Reality Check
"Why This Working Mom Agrees with Mayer’s ‘No Work from Home’ Policy", Anonymous Writer for Modern Mami
"How Etsy Attracted 500 Percent More Female Engineers", Anya Kamenetz for Fast Company
"In My Opinion: Where Are All The Latina Feminists?", Carol Cain for Lifetime Moms
"The Sheryl Sandberg I know", Ben Parr for CNET
"Many Working-Class Women Are Already Leaning In", Ellen Bravo for The Atlantic
"Opinion: Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer just killed the telecommuting lifestyle buzz", Julio Ricardo Varela for NBC Latino
"You Don't Have to Be Marissa Mayer to Bring Your Baby to Work With You", Nanette Fondas for The Atlantic
"A Mentor Is Not Enough", Tanvi Gautam for WOW Factor

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