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We are in countdown mode all across the country! This has been the most memorable midterm elections to date for me. One of the things that I have been very conscious of is the messaging that I am taking in as we round the corner toward November 6th.

To that end, I’d like to introduce you to the Voting Day Photo a Day Challenge! From now until November 6th, we have photo prompts and are looking to see your beautiful images on social media!


How to join:
Save the image above (or save it on Instagram) and check in to see what the prompt is daily.
Take a picture with your phone, your camera, your tablet. Whatever you have on hand.
Share your photo on Instagram using the hashtag #CantWait2VotePhoto
We are all about raising your outside voices especially together. To that end, be sure to check out #CantWait2VotePhoto to see what your fellow Risers are sharing, like, comment and be part of our nationwide community.

Here’s a breakdown of our photo prompts:

  • 10.23 {Me & GOTV} How are you helping get out the vote? Are you phone banking/texting? Working on postcards? Let us peek in to your amazing efforts!
  • 10.24 {What scares you Wednesday} What’s been your fear this election season? Let’s name our fear so we can vanquish it!
  • 10.25 {#TBT} Show us a picture of you voting in a past election!
  • 10.26 {Who’s on your #VotingSquad?} Have a friend you vote with? Someone that watches your littles while you vote? Neighbors that you ride with to the polls? Let’s see your #votingsquad!
  • 10.27{ Plan It Saturday} What’s your voting plan? (hint: if you don’t have one, you can download this handy sheet to get the planning started)
  • 10.28 {Early Voters} Did you vote early? We’d love to see your voting selfie!
  • 10.29 {Reason for the Season} What/who’s your reason for voting?
  • 10.30 {Voting Assistants} Are your kids part of your #VotingSquad? Let’s see those cuties!
  • 10.31 {Scary Reasons Why You Vote} We love positivity but we know some folks are pumped to vote because of some #ScaryStats out there. What’s your spooky reason for voting?
  • 11.01 {Voting Mentor} Who inspired you to be a voter? A parent? A teacher? A child? Let’s send out big thanks to our voting mentors!
  • 11.02 {#FBF} Share a voting memory from your past. When did you first vote? Did you vote with your parents. Let’s hear those stories and see those pics!
  • 11.03 {Self Care} These last few months have been stressful and we know it’s not just the election going on in people’s lives. We want to see your #SelfCareSaturday routing as we close in on election season
  • 11.04 { #MondayMotivation} How do you motivate your family/friends to vote? What motivation do you need to get out the vote? #VotingSquad
  • 11.05 {#OOTD} What are you wearing/did you wear to the polls? I’m always partial to a good MomsRising tee.
  • 11.06 {Voting Selfie} Let’s see those smiles as you vote!

With November 6th in sight, we are looking for that power surge and need your help to do it! See you at the polls!

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