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A few weeks ago, actor and mom Amy Poehler made a video supporting the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights.  Amy balances being a mom with a career as an actor, writer, and producer.  In the video she explains: “it wouldn’t be possible for me to do all those things without the help that I get in my home.”

Domestic workers do the work that makes it possible for so many of us “do all those things.”  And many domestic workers are moms themselves.  But, domestic workers are denied the basic labor protections that so many of us take for granted everyday.

Domestic workers were excluded from basic labor protections 74 years ago -- at the time women’s work wasn’t considered real work.  We’ve known for years that women’s work is real work, but sadly, the law still hasn’t caught up.

Last month California Governor Jerry Brown had the chance to right this historic wrong and sign the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, but instead he chose to set us all back.

After organizing for years to win dignity, respect & labor protections for domestic workers, we have a choice too. We choose to come together as moms -- as employers -- as women -- to keep building our power to transform California and the nation so that all of us no matter what our profession can “do all those things” and thrive.

That’s why we’re sending Governor Brown a message -- as moms and employers, we know that women’s work is real work and we support the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights.

Will you help us tell Governor Brown to clean up his act and remind him of the impact of his decision on the domestic workers in California who make all other work possible?

Click here  to join our campaign to tell Governor Brown to clean up his act by pledging to send him a sponge.

Thank you!

Andrea Cristina Mercado, California Domestic Worker Coalition

& Lindsey Imai, member of Hand in Hand: The Domestic Employers Association


If you are an employer of a domestic worker, find out more at  To support domestic workers organizing efforts around the country visit

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