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You know that time you told your kids, “Don’t worry about what other kids are doing, just worry about yourself?” Well it’s time to walk that all back because it turns out that when it comes to voting, we can harness peer pressure for good!

Watch our fun, boxing-gloves-on, voting-music-turned-up, brand-new #CantWait2Vote video and then share it on Facebook and tag 3-5 people to be in your #VotingSquad!

***And pass it on too: Once you tag your friends, ask them to share the video and tag 3-5 more people….we want as many people as possible to make a plan to vote and then go out and vote on (or before) November 6th.

We know our voice is our vote; and our vote is our power. We have power to make change happen—but we need to make sure everyone we know turns out to vote on or before November 6th.

We also know we can be even more powerful when we inspire our friends, family and neighbors to vote, too. In fact, research tells us that we are the biggest influencers on our friends, families, and communities making their voices heard at the ballot box. So it is time to get organized. There has already been record turn out at locations that have early voting. Let’s come together and break some more records! Let’s make sure that everyone we know has a plan to vote and executes it on or before Election Day.

***Watch our new video to find out why these women #CantWait2Vote and then post it on Facebook and tag 3-5 friends to be in your #VotingSquad to inspire them to vote too! We don’t want you or your friends to miss out on the power surge to the polls!

From affordable health care and childcare, to equal pay, to paid family leave, whatever your issue, be a voter on (or before) November 6th! Making a plan to vote is also very important, which is why we made a Make a Plan to Vote Checklist that you can download by clicking right here. It includes information on your voting location, what IDs to bring, what to do if you encounter problems voting, and fun ideas to get your kids involved (because we want you to be a voter and raise a voter!).

So don’t forget:

  1. Watch and share our new #CantWaitToVote video!
  2. Tag 3-5 friends in the video who will be part of your #VotingSquad
  3. Make a Plan to Vote with your #VotingSquad and vote on or before Election Day (November 6th)

Thank you for continuing to speak out, using your voice, fighting for change in our country, and VOTING!

P.S. Want to double down on helping get out the vote? MomsRising needs moms, dads, and others to join our final GOTV PowerSurge! Interested in spending just 20 minutes phoning or texting mom voters the weekend before Election Day? Click here to sign up.

P.P.S. Find out how to make voting fun for kids by clicking here.

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