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It's time again for the annual Fourth of July family picnic. Picture this: You're minding your own business eating your corn on the cob when over walks your cousin (the one who's nine months pregnant and in a very bad mood because it's much too hot). She remarks, "The country is going to hell in a hand basket. Take, for example, health reform."


Don't get tongue-tied! We're here to help. Even if you don't have a mouthful of corn, it turns out that most people don't have a quick reply at the tip of their tongue yet.

*Find out how healthcare reform will help moms and kids--and get picnic ready--by clicking on the photos below to watch great videos of Senators Menendez, Merkley, and Udall personally answering questions from MomsRising members like you about health reform.

Senator Robert Menendez answers questions from MomsRising members about how health reform helps:
* People who have expensive and poor coverage through their employers,
* Moms with postpartum depression and other mental health issues, and
* Children with special needs.

Senator Tom Udall answers questions from MomsRising members about how:
* To take advantage of new provisions to allow young adults of up to age 26 to stay on their parents insurance policies, and
* Health reform will control costs of insurance.

Senator Jeff Merkley answers questions from MomsRising members about:
* New legislation passed in health reform to facilitate breastfeeding in the workplace, and
* What incentives there are in health reform to prevent diseases before they start.

*Do your friends a favor! Research shows that many people are unsure about how healthcare reform will help their families. You can take a second now to share all this great info with friends and family by clicking here:

And while we're talking about healthcare, do you want even more information on how health reform can help you? You're in luck because TODAY the Department of Health and Human Services is launching a cool website that will allow visitors to research and compare insurance plans, and to determine their eligibility for public programs like Medicare, Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and pre-existing condition insurance plans. Check it out here:

Still have questions? Ask us here: Our wonderful partners at Families USA are answering a question a week from MomsRising members so that we can all learn from each other's great questions. You can ask your question in the right hand column of this page:

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