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Since my wife Genevieve and I had twins, Sam and Hazel, on Election Day of 2004 I’ve become increasingly aware of just how out of whack our nations priorities have become. There seems to be no end in sight to the resources we will squander in Iraq. While here in the American Homeland we can’t seem to get it together to provide basic Healthcare for every child. America’s mothers are working two jobs (beyond the full time role of caregiver inside the home) just to make ends meet.

In the so called “real world” outside the home women still can’t expect equal pay, quality day care, or after school programs for their kids who must patiently wait for Mommy to get home. The richest country in history has a Homeland Economics crisis of consciousness. While Republicans and Democrats fight over who should rightfully assume the mantle of “Family Values,” real American families are falling through the economic cracks that now threaten to tear our nation apart.

Thank goodness that Moms Rising has come along! They are advocating for the basic family value that the United States of America should start valuing its families. They are building a political base, building political power, and now (excitingly) inviting us Dads to play along with them. If you’ve never felt comfortable playing with girls who could easily kick your ass than you probably shouldn’t jump in. But if you’re cool with that then you’re gonna love

They’ve already schooled Washington State in some of the benefits of Homeland Economics and now they’re about to learn Pennsylvania’s Chamber of Commerce a thing or two about taking care of families. Build with us!!

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